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Making the Most of Your Band’s Rehearsal Space

January 20, 2021

Practicing with your band is a crucial part of your band’s success—whether you are an up-and-coming artist or your band is already raking in the big bucks with high-paying gigs. It can be tempting to get right to the music without considering your band’s rehearsal space, but creating a pleasant, comfortable place to play can increase creativity.

Audio Quality

Before you bring even one piece of equipment into the rehearsal space, you need to figure out how to optimize the room for audio quality. Consider the size of the room as well as the materials the walls are made out of. If a speaker, drum, or combo amp is placed next to a brick wall, for instance, the direct and reflected sound coming from it might mean that another person will hear the sounds out of phase, causing cancellation or reinforcement. If the walls are all brick, the bass response will be far more powerful than a room with sheet-rocked walls. These factors need to be taken into account before you start setting up equipment.

Setting Up the Band

There are usually two different ways bands set themselves up in a rehearsal space: either facing each other (as in a circle) or facing out (as if the band is on stage). There are pros and cons to each setup.

Facing your bandmates can be helpful when you are new to practicing together. Not only can you hear each other better, but you can also detect visual cues. While there are advantages to jamming in a circle, there can also be drawbacks. If you become too accustomed to playing that way, suddenly playing for an audience from a stage where everyone is facing outward might throw you off. 

Most experts suggest combining the two setups, so you get a feel for both. Face each other when you first start playing together but set up as if you are on stage once you feel like your set is pretty well dialed-in.
When determining the position of each member of the band in the room, the goal is to maximize the natural ambiance of their instrument’s rig without overpowering the rest of the band.
  • Start with the drummer, who should be at the back and center of the room. This will keep some distance between the drums and the walls, helping to minimize reflections from surfaces. 
  • Guitars and bass amps should also be at the back of the room, so guitarists and bassists can put some space between them and the amps. Letting them be further away from their amps will actually help them hear the music better.
The Silent Rehearsal Space

If everyone in the band is wearing headphones, you can skip paying for loudspeakers. Check out this article to find out if personal monitoring solutions might be right for your band.

Taking the time to create a music rehearsal space that works for every member of your band will help keep everyone happy and minimize tension. If you’re looking for a great music rehearsal space, learn more at Soundstructure. We have two locations, for musicians in Kansas City and Denver.

Kansas City Music Rehearsal Studio Offers Advice on How to Start Your Own Band

January 6, 2021

Do you dream of starting your own band? Can you envision yourself and your bandmates playing in front of an adoring audience? These questions lead to the ultimate question in creating your own band: Where do you find like-minded people who are committed to music to join you? Your favorite Kansas City music rehearsal studio, Soundstructure, has tips for you when you are ready to start your own band.

Many people start a band organically; that is, they form a group with friends who have similar interests and tastes in music. Others have to search contributors—many of whom might be complete strangers. Searching for complete strangers who share your vision can be a bit tricky, but it is totally doable.

Ask Around

Talk to everyone you know and ask if they know any musicians who are looking for a band. Chances are, there are plenty of people in your social circles who know others who might be looking for other musicians with whom to collaborate. Ask “in real life” as well as hitting up your friends on social media.


Much like business owners go to business networking events, you can go to music shows as a way of connecting with potential bandmates. Venture out of your usual music genre; you never know where you could find a great musician. A guitarist in a country band might be dreaming of playing with a rock band, so you never know. Musicians tend to know other musicians, so just drumming up (no pun intended!) a conversation could lead to potential bandmates.


In addition to reaching out to your connections on social media, as mentioned previously, you can also advertise on community bulletin board services such as Craigslist. Some sites are specifically designed for finding fellow musicians. Read more about it in this article: The Best Sites for Finding Musicians and Band Members.

There are also apps that enable you to create a profile that displays what you are looking for, who your influencers are, and more. This could lead to finding the right people to form your band.

Open Mics

The term “open mic” is taken from the expression “open microphone,” a live show at a coffeehouse, bar, or nightclub during which audience members have a chance to perform on stage. Often this is their first time performing. Open mics can provide a great opportunity to find musicians who are interested in being in a band but who may not have found a home yet. You’ll get a first-hand chance to find out who has talent and who might be a good fit for your band.

Contact Soundstructure When You’re Ready for a Kansas City Music Rehearsal Studio

Once you’ve put together your band, don’t overlook the importance of finding a good space for your band to rehearse. Our Kansas City music rehearsal studio was custom-made with the needs of musicians in mind. We also have a location in Denver. Contact us today to find out more about our music rehearsal studio spaces.

Having a Kansas City Music Rehearsal Studio Is Just the First Step

December 3, 2020

If you are serious about your music, you probably already have rented a Kansas City music rehearsal studio. There are many benefits for your band having a rehearsal space, but having a designated space to practice is just one part of the equation for your band’s success.

Your fans want to hear about up and coming artists—and that includes your band. So how do you reach them other than on stage? You might try writing about things your fans will love.

Why Blogging Should Be a Part of Every Up and Coming Artist’s Plan to Reach Fans

There are more than a few good reasons to blog:
  • It provides an easy way to keep in touch with your fan base. Every time you post a blog, you can link it to your social media accounts and bring fans and potential fans back to your website. This can improve your online relevance by improving search engine optimization. The more content on our site, the more apt search engines are to index your site.
  • You can connect with other artists through your blog. Shine a light on your fellow musical artists by featuring them in your articles—or even just mentioning a show you’ve been to. Your fellow musicians will appreciate the mention, and it’s a great way to create goodwill.
  • You can communicate with fans by encouraging them to comment on your blog posts.
What Kinds of Things Musicians Can Blog About

If you’re convinced about the benefits of posting a blog to your band’s website, you might be wondering what you can write about. Here are some ideas:
  • Preview an upcoming album, a new song, or a scheduled show. 
  • Take pictures or videos of rehearsals or shows to give fans a behind-the-scenes look.
  • Talk about your favorite musical gear and go into detail about why you like it.
  • There is no end to social issues today about which people—musicians included—can be passionate. Granted, you’ll have to be prepared for a bit of pushback if you write about topics that are controversial, so it’s up to you as to how bold you want to be. (And you’ll have to be realistic about the fact that you could lose fans. But you could also gain fans whose beliefs align with yours.)
  • Talk about music that inspires you, your bandmates, or other local musicians. You can stick to your local scene, or you can write about some of the bands and musicians who have inspired you throughout your life.
  • Go into detail about how your band comes up with ideas for songs or decides which songs to cover. Talk about the recording process and what that looks like for you.
  • Discuss your own experiences in the music industry, perhaps offering advice for fledgling bands that are just getting started. 
When you think about it, there is plenty of interesting content you could create to bring more fans to your website. 
For the best Kansas City music rehearsal studio, you need look no further than Soundstructure. We also have a Denver location. Give us a call today to find out more.

Why Your Band Needs Rehearsal Space in Kansas City

November 6, 2020

If you are like a lot of musicians in Kansas City, you probably started out by practicing your craft in your basement or garage. After all, you already have the space, so you don’t need to shell out any additional money to play there. But if you have been playing for any length of time, you probably already realize the problems with playing your instrument or practicing with your band in the basement or garage.

Your family has probably already complained about the noise. Maybe there are even “rules” set up—no practicing before or after a certain hour. Chances are your neighbors will start to complain next. The police might even show up at your door. You might try to “soundproof” the area only to realize that do-it-yourself soundproofing options aren’t all that effective.

You finally realize that your best option is to find rehearsal space in Kansas City that caters to the musician or band’s needs.

Benefits of Using a Professional Rehearsal Space

Convenience. If you are in a band, one of the most difficult hurdles you might face is finding a rehearsal space that is not only big enough but that is convenient for all band members. Drummers, in particular, are negatively impacted if they have to set up and tear down every time you practice. 

Security. Most musicians view their equipment or instruments as their most prized and valued possessions. They need a secure place to use their equipment.

Location. If you’ve ever had to deal with neighbors who complain about your music, you’ll appreciate not having those types of neighbors at the rehearsal studio. Not only are the rehearsal spaces built for sound isolation, but you can practice any time of day or night—without having the police show up at your door.

Comfort. Playing music should be fun and exciting, and it should take place in a comfortable location. Professional rehearsal space has good lighting and temperature control; no more canceling band practice when the mercury rises.

Accessibility. If you anticipate loading or unloading your equipment, you don’t need stairs and elevators. You don’t want to have to deal with doors that are too narrow. You don’t want to have to trek across a large parking lot to the door of the facility. A professional rehearsal space can provide you with a dedicated area for easy loading and unloading. 

Cleanliness and security. A dirty facility with holes in the walls probably means the place is also poorly managed. If there are people wandering around, that might indicate that security is lax. A truly professional rehearsal space is clean and secure—and you can feel comfortable when it comes to taking your practice there.

Your Rehearsal Space in Kansas City

Soundstructure in Kansas City is the place for musicians and bands to rehearse. With 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art professional music rehearsal studios, our customers also enjoy high-quality sounds isolation between studios, secured access, climate control, easy in-and-out loading, no stairs or elevators, free off-street parking, and free Wi-Fi. Find out for yourself how convenient our rehearsal space is. Contact us today!


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