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How Music Can Boost Your Creativity

December 13, 2021

How Music Can Boost Your Creativity
Music can be a very useful and fun hobby, especially when it comes to expressing the unique creativity of an individual. Through creativity, art, and music you can see situations in your life through a different perspective. At Soundstructure Studios Kansas City, we strongly believe in the power of music. Let’s look at some ways you can boost your creativity and productivity through music. Plus, we have some open availability at Soundstructure Studios Kansas City now! Contact us today before these spaces are booked!

Zone Out

Creating music can have similar benefits to painting a picture. Rather than focusing on one specific thing, music can allow you to go with flow and give your mind a break. There is no specific destination! Allowing yourself to relax and listen to or create music can allow your mind to take a well deserved break and encourage divergent thinking. By allowing your brain to have more flexibility, you can oftentimes find unique solutions to problems that you previously could not figure out. 

Happy Camper

It is no secret that a single song can change your mood. It has been proven that listening to positive, uplifting, or upbeat music can be beneficial for divergent thinking. Not only will upbeat music help lift your spirits, but simply taking the time to listen to the song can take your mind off of whatever might be bothering you. By focusing on something else and allowing your mind to relax, you allow your focus to shift away from what was bothering you. During your creative break you may even become inspired and discover a solution to a problem. A positive shift in your mindset is a great way to spark inspiration!

Jog Your Brain

Just as exercising your body has many benefits, so does exercising your mind! Creating something is a great way to exercise your brain. Music is a safe place to let new ideas flood in! Listening and creating music can lower your anxiety levels and improve your mood! Another way that music exercises the mind is by improving problem-solving skills. The practice of creating freely can help you to learn how to accept imperfections and mistakes. Once you have learned the skill of acceptance, you can practice adjusting to your situation. Whether it is a verse that needs tweaking, a painting that got out of hand, or a real life situation, listening and creating music can help you learn to adapt to your current circumstances or past experiences.

Music is a powerful and beautiful tool. Studies have shown that listening to music every day, even for just 15 minutes, has been proven to increase overall well-being. Put on your favorite tune and zone out for a while to get in the zone! Ready to share your creation with the world? Whether you are doing a solo act or are in a band, Soundstructure Studios Kansas City will help your ideas come to life. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our top notch music rehearsal and production studios!

Kansas City Music Rehearsal Space: Book Your Dream Space Today

November 9, 2021

Kansas City Music Rehearsal Space: Book Your Dream Space Today
Are you looking for an affordable rehearsal space, but can't find anything that fits your needs? Soundstructure Studios KC offers top notch amenities and is located minutes from downtown Kansas City. Here's a list of everything we offer to help you make this decision easier: 

-All studios leased on an annual basis = 24/7 access at all times
-Affordable prices (Starting at $400/month)
-High-quality sound isolation between studios
-Key card access control & 24-hour video surveillance for ultimate security 
-All studios are climate controlled for perfect comfort
-Easy load in/out 
-All common-areas cleaned weekly
-Free off-street secure parking
-Hi-speed Wi-Fi in the entire building

Soundstructure Studios KC is the rehearsal space designed for bands and independent musicians. Our goal at Soundstructure Studios KC is to create an intimate setting where musicians can focus on their craft without distractions or interruptions so they can perform at their best when they take the stage. You may not know how much of your practice time is spent focusing on things like soundproofing, lighting, temperature control or acoustics until you’ve tried it somewhere else. 

Come experience our studios today! We want all musicians to have access to rehearse, so contact us today to book your dream music rehearsal space, as space is limited.

Music after COVID: Renting Music Rehearsal Space in Kansas City post pandemic

October 5, 2021

Music after COVID: Renting Music Rehearsal Space in Kansas City post pandemic
While the world is still battling COVID-19, music needs to be created now more than ever. With spirits at an all-time low, the music community has the opportunity to help raise those spirits and provide people with hope and escape from the crazy world around them. Soundstructure Studios KC is providing that talented community the much needed clean and safe music studio space to create their next works of art.

Why musicians love Soundstructure Studios KC

Cleanliness - We take our clients' health and safety seriously at Soundstructure Studios and encourage our musicians to hold us to the highest standards. Professional cleaning services take care of the common areas weekly, (hallways, restrooms), but each individual studio’s cleanliness relies on the tenant.

Comfort - 18 soundproof studios with climate control for total comfort that are available to rent annually. We also provide our musicians with WiFi and easy load, in and out access. Free off-street parking is another bonus you can find at Soundstructure Studios KC. 

Safety - 24-hour access control with video surveillance to ensure our musicians feel the safest they can, no matter what time they want to practice their art. 

Space - We provide our musicians their own space to rock out as they see fit without neighbors or spouses complaining! With our soundproof studios our musicians can be as loud, or as quiet, as they want no matter what time of day. In fact, it’s highly encouraged!

Affordable - Our prices start at $400 a month for a soundproof, climate-controlled studio. 
Our staff ensures that every protocol is taken to keep our facility clean and sanitized to provide our musicians, bands, and producers alike with the highest-quality music rehearsal space needed to produce their next masterpiece.

Soundstructure Studios KC is the place for musicians, bands, and producers to rehearse and create music. With 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art professional music rehearsal studios, our tenants also enjoy high-quality sound isolation between studios, secured access, climate control, easy in-and-out loading, free off-street parking, and free Wi-Fi.

Rent from our two available studios: Studio #11: 234sf leased for $540/month, and/or Studio #14: 250sf leased for $570/month. Contact us today, Space is limited!

Kansas City Band Rehearsal Space Weighs in on the Importance of Music

June 17, 2021

Kansas City Band Rehearsal Space Weighs in on the Importance of Music
Humans have the burning desire to create—whether that is on a small or large scale, whether it is in the form of art or music. Having an interaction with sound is unavoidable in life, and music plays a significant part in that. Music is a big part of people’s lives, and many feel passionate about it. 

The most popular way people interact with music is by attending a concert or musical event or by listening to it via an electronic device. Listening at home or in the car is a personal experience that is also very fulfilling. Music sets a tone and a vibe as we listen. Music can also provide us with a way to remember things. Attending a concert is especially unique because it offers the opportunity to hear live musicians and the sound of the music as it is meant to be heard. As much of the world shut down in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, concerts were talked about frequently as one of the missed things in people’s lives.

The Meaning of Music in Our Lives

Music stimulates the mind. While listening to music, you can pay attention to the melodies or themes, the harmony, the rhythms, the color, the activity of a piece, how the sounds are produced, or how they all relate to one another. Focused listening is an experience that is different for everyone.

Concert music is pleasing to the ears, and it is also nurturing for the soul. Music has the power to create an emotional response in the people who are listening to it. It can change your mood: It can make you excited and energized, or it can make you calm and relax. No emotion is left out; the possibilities for the way music can make us feel are endless.

Music gives people a way to escape from everyday life, and for those who create music, it offers an alternative means of self-expression.

In mainstream American society, the arts—including music—have traditionally been looked at as an extra discipline that isn’t essential to a functioning society. The good news is that this does seem to be changing. Having access to the arts fill a void within people that is essential, as indicated by the many television programs that revolve around music. Shows such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Voice are extremely popular, creating a society that is more involved with the arts than ever before.

Artists and others who are passionate about music must continue to showcase their music. The more opportunities we have for people to enrich their lives and minds, the better it is for any society. We can hope that the American love affair with the arts will continue.

Your Next Band Rehearsal Studio in Kansas City

If you are a music lover who is in a band, you need a Kansas City music rehearsal space, and you’ll find just what you need at Soundstructure. Our studios in Kansas City and Denver are custom-built with the musician’s needs in mind. Find your band’s “home away from home” at Soundstructure. Contact us today to find out more!

Most Popular Musical Instruments to Learn

June 1, 2021

Most Popular Musical Instruments to Learn
Any parent is usually giddy with pride and excitement when their child wants to learn how to play a musical instrument. If you are a parent who is also a Kansas City musician, your excitement likely knows no bounds. Depending on what you play, you might want your child to follow in your footsteps. But kids want what they want—and they might decide to go in a different direction. Here are some of the most common instruments kids—and anyone—might want to plan.

Piano or Keyboard

Plenty of kids grew up being pushed into taking piano lessons. And the truth is that some musicians believe playing the piano should be the basis for learning any other instrument. Some professionals believe that even though it is a single instrument, it covers the full spectrum of any instrument that is played in an orchestra. Playing piano also requires good coordination—between the hand and the eye.


Taking guitar lessons is probably second only to taking piano lessons for youngsters in recent decades. One reason for this is likely the continued popularity of rock music. There is even a name for fake playing guitar—air guitar—and a video game called Guitar Hero. The guitar also requires a lot of hand-to-eye coordination. Players have several options, including electric, bass, and acoustic guitar.


Drums is always a popular choice amongst burgeoning musicians—although siblings and parents might want to invest in some noise-canceling headphones. The common instrument across most bands of many genres is the drums, so its popularity is no surprise.


The flute is a quiet instrument that is fairly easy to learn, and it is often a child’s first experience in playing an instrument because it is also affordable. This instrument is primarily a classical one, although the rock band Jethro Tull used the flute in almost all of their songs in the 1970s.


In addition to playing the flute as a starter instrument, many students pick up a recorder while they are in elementary school. And the step up to playing the clarinet is a natural progression. Small, lightweight, and versatile, the clarinet is often featured in classical music and jazz orchestras.

The sax is a wind instrument that is popular in high school bands and is also highly present in jazz music. It is available in a variety of sound ranges. 


The trumpet has well earned its distinction as “king” of the brass instruments since this instrument is used in practically every music genre there is. You’ll see the trumpet in symphony orchestra brass sections, as well as in jazz, rhythm and blues, and even some rock bands. 


The cello is a key string instrument, along with the violin and viola, and an instrument you’ll see primarily in symphony orchestra and chamber quartets. 


Yes, the voice is considered an instrument—but it’s one you really have to have an innate talent for if you ever want to go the professional route.

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