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How To Organize Your Own Concert

April 1, 2022

How To Organize Your Own Concert
If you have been using our rehearsal studios for some time now, you might be thinking about curating a show to display your skills to friends and family. Soundstructure Studios wants to help your dreams become a reality! Let’s take a look at the steps it will take for you to throw your own concert in your community!

The Goal

The first thing to think about for your event is what is the purpose of this event? Are you wanting to showcase many different artists, similar artists, or just yourself? Will this show be a fundraiser for something or will it be a show to get your band used to performing in front of larger crowds? It will be important for you to ask yourself these questions before moving on to the next steps of curating your event!


Now that you have established why you are throwing this event, it is time to take a look at the budget you have to put towards your show. Renting out the space, paying lighting technicians and musicians, equipment rentals, food, beverages, and cost of promotions are all things that might need to be factored into your budget. If making a profit from this show was one of your goals, that will need to be factoring into your budget outline as well. Setting aside 10%-30% of your budget for unexpected expenses is also a good rule of thumb!


Finding the talent you wish to perform at your show is the next step. If you have met other cool, musical people in passing at our rehearsal studios or simply know of others that play an instrument or have a band, why not have them perform at your event? The more the merrier! Having more people in the show will also naturally increase the amount of people who will attend to support their friends and family members.


The budget is set, you have found the talent you want to perform, now it’s time to find a venue! Finding the perfect venue for your event can be tricky. If you live in a small city your options may be limited and if you live in a big city the venues you want may be booked up! Determine how big your event might be and choose a venue according to your budget and venue needs. If you want a concession stand or for alcohol to be served at your event you will want to choose a venue that offers those things. Make sure to check with the venue and the city to see if you need insurance or permits for your event to happen. Open communication with the people who own the venue is always best!

Time and Place

Picking the venue and picking the time and place of your event will somewhat go hand in hand. If the venue you wanted is booked for the day you wanted your show to be, you may need to move the show date or switch the venue. Consider other events that are happening in the area during the time of your event. If there is a festival happening or a huge headlining show down the street from yours you may want to consider moving around the date and time of your show a bit so that your event will have the most attendance possible!


The last step to throw your own concert is to promote it! Making posts on social media for your show, printing out flyers, and spreading the news via word of mouth are all great and cheap ways to promote your event. Promoting your show can invite people in other than known family and friends which can help spread the word about a musician or band at your event, growing their fanbase and potentially leading to more bookings or demand for more events by you!

Soundstructure Studios has the rehearsal spaces you need to get ready for your next concert. Our studios are open and available to you 24/7, 365 days out of the year. Our sound isolation technology between studios allows you to practice your music without interruption, so don’t wait! Contact Soundstructure Studios KC today to book your rehearsal practice and get involved in our music community!

How Music Brings People Together

February 27, 2022

How Music Brings People Together
Have you ever been to a concert and felt a sense of love and unity in the air? This is no coincidence! Music is a powerful tool that brings people together through shared experience and connection. Let’s dive deeper at this phenomenon and take a look at some of the reasons why music is a great way to bring people together!

Shared Experience

Music is arguably one of the most common shared human experiences. Music is something that can be experienced by mostly anyone at any time! With access to huge libraries of music on streaming services it is now easier than ever to find someone who listens to the same music as you. Many might listen to a song and take away different messages from a song, however there will always be a shared message, experience, or feeling being conveyed to the audience that they can take away with them. Even a song in a different language than your own can emit a feeling that the listener can pick up on. Whether you are at a live concert or just listening to a song at home, you are having a shared experience and connecting with everyone else who has listened to that song!

Belonging To Something Greater Than Yourself

As humans it is not uncommon for us to wish to be a part of something outside of ourselves, whether this is a hobby, a club you have joined, or volunteering for your community. Music is a largely popular format for people to search for and find connection with others. A music listener can find commonality within the lyrics of a song that may refer to shared human experiences in day to day life, such as falling in love or a break up. Everyone has experienced some form of being disappointed or let down, so when that is depicted in a song those feelings can be resurfaced. This provides the feeling of commonality and a shared experience with other humans that are going through life with you! Sharing and connecting over a mutual experience, be it a song, feeling, concert, or artist, is a great way to bond and make new friends!


Music has many psychological benefits. One of these benefits happens through a chemical called oxytocin. Oxytocin is released into your brain whenever you listen to music and can provide you with the feelings of comfort and connection. Oxytocin can also encourage trust and nourish the sense of being socially bonded with others. When listening to your favorite band surrounded by others who also enjoy that band, endorphins are released in your brain that make you feel happier and more connected to those around you.

The music industry and community is a special one! Our shared human emotions and experiences can be heard and related to by anyone through this unique art form. Sharing a dance, a song, or a moment with someone is an extraordinary feeling! If you are ready to share your story with the world or simply want to express yourself privately, Soundstructure Studios has got your back! Contact Soundstructure Studios KC today to book your rehearsal studio and get started on your musical journey!

The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

January 28, 2022

The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument
We all love listening to our favorite songs or jamming out to the radio on our way to work, but have you ever considered learning how to make music yourself? Learning how to play a new instrument can be a great way to spend your free time and even has some health benefits. Once you have learned how to play an instrument you will be able to carry that skill with you throughout your life and you will always be able to impress your friends!

Memory Retention

One way that learning to play an instrument can benefit you is through memory retention. Playing an instrument and reading music exercises your brain. While playing an instrument and reading music you are using both the right and left part of the brain. This stimulates a larger portion of your brain and will help you to improve your cognitive abilities!

Reduce Stress Levels

Music can cause the listener an array of emotions. Slower and faster tempos, lyrics, and other elements of a song can make you feel sad, happy, angry, silly, loving, etc. This being said, it comes as no surprise that playing an instrument and listening to music in general can help to reduce your stress levels. Music reduces your heart rate and your blood pressure, making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy. The repetition of playing an instrument often can also bring you comfort, which can reduce your stress levels.


With time you will feel more and more comfortable with your instrument. This gained comfortability and feeling like you have accomplished a new skill can bring you more confidence within yourself! Your friends will rave over your newly acquired skills and you will want to become even better or perhaps pick up a second instrument. Being able to show off your musical skills to others is definitely something to be proud of!

Make Friends

When you decide to learn how to play an instrument, you are also deciding to enter the realm of music. Along your musical journey you will meet others who decided to learn how to make music just like you. You can meet a lot of very creative and cool people within the music industry. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to make some new friends, learning to play an instrument and make music might be just the way to meet some new people this year!

Improve Patience

Mastering your instrument is not going to happen overnight. It will take some time and dedication to really feel comfortable playing your instrument. That being said, learning how to play an instrument can improve your patience. It may take you a week or even a month to learn a new riff or to conquer a new song, so you will need to be gentle with yourself. Knowing that learning something new will take time is a lesson that can be carried into other aspects of your life.

Strengthen Creativity

Lastly, learning how to play a new instrument can help improve your creativity. You may try teaching yourself to think, create, and play on the spot as you get better rather than reading directly from sheet music. You also might feel like tweaking some things in an already composed piece to make it more your own and have fun with it. As your musical journey continues you might even want to compose your own music! Music is a great creative outlet and can exercise your imagination in unique ways!

Soundstructure Studios is a great place to practice your newly acquired skill. Don’t worry about business hours, they are open 24/7! Enjoy professional acoustics and sound isolated rooms while gaining a wonderful musical experience and furthering your skills. Contact Soundstructure Studios today to book your rehearsal space!

How Music Can Boost Your Creativity

December 13, 2021

How Music Can Boost Your Creativity
Music can be a very useful and fun hobby, especially when it comes to expressing the unique creativity of an individual. Through creativity, art, and music you can see situations in your life through a different perspective. At Soundstructure Studios Kansas City, we strongly believe in the power of music. Let’s look at some ways you can boost your creativity and productivity through music. Plus, we have some open availability at Soundstructure Studios Kansas City now! Contact us today before these spaces are booked!

Zone Out

Creating music can have similar benefits to painting a picture. Rather than focusing on one specific thing, music can allow you to go with flow and give your mind a break. There is no specific destination! Allowing yourself to relax and listen to or create music can allow your mind to take a well deserved break and encourage divergent thinking. By allowing your brain to have more flexibility, you can oftentimes find unique solutions to problems that you previously could not figure out. 

Happy Camper

It is no secret that a single song can change your mood. It has been proven that listening to positive, uplifting, or upbeat music can be beneficial for divergent thinking. Not only will upbeat music help lift your spirits, but simply taking the time to listen to the song can take your mind off of whatever might be bothering you. By focusing on something else and allowing your mind to relax, you allow your focus to shift away from what was bothering you. During your creative break you may even become inspired and discover a solution to a problem. A positive shift in your mindset is a great way to spark inspiration!

Jog Your Brain

Just as exercising your body has many benefits, so does exercising your mind! Creating something is a great way to exercise your brain. Music is a safe place to let new ideas flood in! Listening and creating music can lower your anxiety levels and improve your mood! Another way that music exercises the mind is by improving problem-solving skills. The practice of creating freely can help you to learn how to accept imperfections and mistakes. Once you have learned the skill of acceptance, you can practice adjusting to your situation. Whether it is a verse that needs tweaking, a painting that got out of hand, or a real life situation, listening and creating music can help you learn to adapt to your current circumstances or past experiences.

Music is a powerful and beautiful tool. Studies have shown that listening to music every day, even for just 15 minutes, has been proven to increase overall well-being. Put on your favorite tune and zone out for a while to get in the zone! Ready to share your creation with the world? Whether you are doing a solo act or are in a band, Soundstructure Studios Kansas City will help your ideas come to life. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our top notch music rehearsal and production studios!

Kansas City Music Rehearsal Space: Book Your Dream Space Today

November 9, 2021

Kansas City Music Rehearsal Space: Book Your Dream Space Today
Are you looking for an affordable rehearsal space, but can't find anything that fits your needs? Soundstructure Studios KC offers top notch amenities and is located minutes from downtown Kansas City. Here's a list of everything we offer to help you make this decision easier: 

-All studios leased on an annual basis = 24/7 access at all times
-Affordable prices (Starting at $400/month)
-High-quality sound isolation between studios
-Key card access control & 24-hour video surveillance for ultimate security 
-All studios are climate controlled for perfect comfort
-Easy load in/out 
-All common-areas cleaned weekly
-Free off-street secure parking
-Hi-speed Wi-Fi in the entire building

Soundstructure Studios KC is the rehearsal space designed for bands and independent musicians. Our goal at Soundstructure Studios KC is to create an intimate setting where musicians can focus on their craft without distractions or interruptions so they can perform at their best when they take the stage. You may not know how much of your practice time is spent focusing on things like soundproofing, lighting, temperature control or acoustics until you’ve tried it somewhere else. 

Come experience our studios today! We want all musicians to have access to rehearse, so contact us today to book your dream music rehearsal space, as space is limited.