Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Practice at Your Kansas City Music Rehearsal Studio

February 19, 2021

Band practice is the best way for bands to make progress. But if you don’t maximize productivity at practice, it has the potential to turn into a big waste of time. Here are some tips from a Kansas City music rehearsal studio for making the most out of your band’s practices.

#1—Put Someone in Charge

Appointing someone as a leader to schedule and prepare material for rehearsals enables your bandmates to avoid pointless discussion about what will be accomplished at the practice. The person chosen to take on this role should be organized and comfortable taking charge.

#2—Video Your Practices

Many bands record the sound of their practices, but they often don’t think about making a video recording of the practice as well. When you make a video recording, it puts you in the shoes of the audience members, so you’ll have a better idea of what they will be seeing. It can also enable you to identify shortcomings with your performance. You may want to watch the video midway through your practice so you can make needed improvements to the second half of your practice. (Check out this article for reviews of the best cameras for musicians.)

#3—Rehearse in the Same Positions You’ll Perform In

Many bands rehearse in a circle, facing each other. This enables your bandmates to communicate with one another, but chances are you won’t be playing a show this way. When you rehearse in a circle, you can become overly reliant on visual communication—and you won’t have this advantage for a live show. Developing your nonvisual communication skills will serve you well when it comes to performing.

#4—Keep a Practice Journal

All you need is a cheap spiral notebook to keep track of how your practices went. It’s also a way to track short- and long-term goals. Include what went well about the practice—and what didn’t, along with notes for areas to work on improving for the next rehearsal.

#5—Be On Time and Prepared

This one is a no-brainer. Being late to practice is disrespectful toward your fellow band members and can really hinder progress and productivity. 

Make sure you practice on your own in between rehearsals so you are up to speed on the material you’ll be working on. This will save a lot of time for the entire band in the long run. It doesn’t take all that much extra time, and it will significantly improve your productivity when you are together as a band.

#6—Be Tough on Mistakes

Go above and beyond, and play your material as close to perfect as possible. Being sloppy is not good for your band—or for your audience. Everyone appreciates a slick, live performance.

Kansas City Music Rehearsal Studio

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