Kansas City Band Rehearsal Space Weighs in on the Importance of Music

June 17, 2021

Humans have the burning desire to create—whether that is on a small or large scale, whether it is in the form of art or music. Having an interaction with sound is unavoidable in life, and music plays a significant part in that. Music is a big part of people’s lives, and many feel passionate about it. 

The most popular way people interact with music is by attending a concert or musical event or by listening to it via an electronic device. Listening at home or in the car is a personal experience that is also very fulfilling. Music sets a tone and a vibe as we listen. Music can also provide us with a way to remember things. Attending a concert is especially unique because it offers the opportunity to hear live musicians and the sound of the music as it is meant to be heard. As much of the world shut down in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, concerts were talked about frequently as one of the missed things in people’s lives.

The Meaning of Music in Our Lives

Music stimulates the mind. While listening to music, you can pay attention to the melodies or themes, the harmony, the rhythms, the color, the activity of a piece, how the sounds are produced, or how they all relate to one another. Focused listening is an experience that is different for everyone.

Concert music is pleasing to the ears, and it is also nurturing for the soul. Music has the power to create an emotional response in the people who are listening to it. It can change your mood: It can make you excited and energized, or it can make you calm and relax. No emotion is left out; the possibilities for the way music can make us feel are endless.

Music gives people a way to escape from everyday life, and for those who create music, it offers an alternative means of self-expression.

In mainstream American society, the arts—including music—have traditionally been looked at as an extra discipline that isn’t essential to a functioning society. The good news is that this does seem to be changing. Having access to the arts fill a void within people that is essential, as indicated by the many television programs that revolve around music. Shows such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Voice are extremely popular, creating a society that is more involved with the arts than ever before.

Artists and others who are passionate about music must continue to showcase their music. The more opportunities we have for people to enrich their lives and minds, the better it is for any society. We can hope that the American love affair with the arts will continue.

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