Music after COVID: Renting Music Rehearsal Space in Kansas City post pandemic

October 5, 2021

While the world is still battling COVID-19, music needs to be created now more than ever. With spirits at an all-time low, the music community has the opportunity to help raise those spirits and provide people with hope and escape from the crazy world around them. Soundstructure Studios KC is providing that talented community the much needed clean and safe music studio space to create their next works of art.

Why musicians love Soundstructure Studios KC

Cleanliness - We take our clients' health and safety seriously at Soundstructure Studios and encourage our musicians to hold us to the highest standards. Professional cleaning services take care of the common areas weekly, (hallways, restrooms), but each individual studio’s cleanliness relies on the tenant.

Comfort - 18 soundproof studios with climate control for total comfort that are available to rent annually. We also provide our musicians with WiFi and easy load, in and out access. Free off-street parking is another bonus you can find at Soundstructure Studios KC. 

Safety - 24-hour access control with video surveillance to ensure our musicians feel the safest they can, no matter what time they want to practice their art. 

Space - We provide our musicians their own space to rock out as they see fit without neighbors or spouses complaining! With our soundproof studios our musicians can be as loud, or as quiet, as they want no matter what time of day. In fact, it’s highly encouraged!

Affordable - Our prices start at $400 a month for a soundproof, climate-controlled studio. 
Our staff ensures that every protocol is taken to keep our facility clean and sanitized to provide our musicians, bands, and producers alike with the highest-quality music rehearsal space needed to produce their next masterpiece.

Soundstructure Studios KC is the place for musicians, bands, and producers to rehearse and create music. With 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art professional music rehearsal studios, our tenants also enjoy high-quality sound isolation between studios, secured access, climate control, easy in-and-out loading, free off-street parking, and free Wi-Fi.

Rent from our two available studios: Studio #11: 234sf leased for $540/month, and/or Studio #14: 250sf leased for $570/month. Contact us today, Space is limited!
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