The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

January 28, 2022

We all love listening to our favorite songs or jamming out to the radio on our way to work, but have you ever considered learning how to make music yourself? Learning how to play a new instrument can be a great way to spend your free time and even has some health benefits. Once you have learned how to play an instrument you will be able to carry that skill with you throughout your life and you will always be able to impress your friends!

Memory Retention

One way that learning to play an instrument can benefit you is through memory retention. Playing an instrument and reading music exercises your brain. While playing an instrument and reading music you are using both the right and left part of the brain. This stimulates a larger portion of your brain and will help you to improve your cognitive abilities!

Reduce Stress Levels

Music can cause the listener an array of emotions. Slower and faster tempos, lyrics, and other elements of a song can make you feel sad, happy, angry, silly, loving, etc. This being said, it comes as no surprise that playing an instrument and listening to music in general can help to reduce your stress levels. Music reduces your heart rate and your blood pressure, making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy. The repetition of playing an instrument often can also bring you comfort, which can reduce your stress levels.


With time you will feel more and more comfortable with your instrument. This gained comfortability and feeling like you have accomplished a new skill can bring you more confidence within yourself! Your friends will rave over your newly acquired skills and you will want to become even better or perhaps pick up a second instrument. Being able to show off your musical skills to others is definitely something to be proud of!

Make Friends

When you decide to learn how to play an instrument, you are also deciding to enter the realm of music. Along your musical journey you will meet others who decided to learn how to make music just like you. You can meet a lot of very creative and cool people within the music industry. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to make some new friends, learning to play an instrument and make music might be just the way to meet some new people this year!

Improve Patience

Mastering your instrument is not going to happen overnight. It will take some time and dedication to really feel comfortable playing your instrument. That being said, learning how to play an instrument can improve your patience. It may take you a week or even a month to learn a new riff or to conquer a new song, so you will need to be gentle with yourself. Knowing that learning something new will take time is a lesson that can be carried into other aspects of your life.

Strengthen Creativity

Lastly, learning how to play a new instrument can help improve your creativity. You may try teaching yourself to think, create, and play on the spot as you get better rather than reading directly from sheet music. You also might feel like tweaking some things in an already composed piece to make it more your own and have fun with it. As your musical journey continues you might even want to compose your own music! Music is a great creative outlet and can exercise your imagination in unique ways!

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