How To Organize Your Own Concert

April 1, 2022

If you have been using our rehearsal studios for some time now, you might be thinking about curating a show to display your skills to friends and family. Soundstructure Studios wants to help your dreams become a reality! Let’s take a look at the steps it will take for you to throw your own concert in your community!

The Goal

The first thing to think about for your event is what is the purpose of this event? Are you wanting to showcase many different artists, similar artists, or just yourself? Will this show be a fundraiser for something or will it be a show to get your band used to performing in front of larger crowds? It will be important for you to ask yourself these questions before moving on to the next steps of curating your event!


Now that you have established why you are throwing this event, it is time to take a look at the budget you have to put towards your show. Renting out the space, paying lighting technicians and musicians, equipment rentals, food, beverages, and cost of promotions are all things that might need to be factored into your budget. If making a profit from this show was one of your goals, that will need to be factoring into your budget outline as well. Setting aside 10%-30% of your budget for unexpected expenses is also a good rule of thumb!


Finding the talent you wish to perform at your show is the next step. If you have met other cool, musical people in passing at our rehearsal studios or simply know of others that play an instrument or have a band, why not have them perform at your event? The more the merrier! Having more people in the show will also naturally increase the amount of people who will attend to support their friends and family members.


The budget is set, you have found the talent you want to perform, now it’s time to find a venue! Finding the perfect venue for your event can be tricky. If you live in a small city your options may be limited and if you live in a big city the venues you want may be booked up! Determine how big your event might be and choose a venue according to your budget and venue needs. If you want a concession stand or for alcohol to be served at your event you will want to choose a venue that offers those things. Make sure to check with the venue and the city to see if you need insurance or permits for your event to happen. Open communication with the people who own the venue is always best!

Time and Place

Picking the venue and picking the time and place of your event will somewhat go hand in hand. If the venue you wanted is booked for the day you wanted your show to be, you may need to move the show date or switch the venue. Consider other events that are happening in the area during the time of your event. If there is a festival happening or a huge headlining show down the street from yours you may want to consider moving around the date and time of your show a bit so that your event will have the most attendance possible!


The last step to throw your own concert is to promote it! Making posts on social media for your show, printing out flyers, and spreading the news via word of mouth are all great and cheap ways to promote your event. Promoting your show can invite people in other than known family and friends which can help spread the word about a musician or band at your event, growing their fanbase and potentially leading to more bookings or demand for more events by you!

Soundstructure Studios has the rehearsal spaces you need to get ready for your next concert. Our studios are open and available to you 24/7, 365 days out of the year. Our sound isolation technology between studios allows you to practice your music without interruption, so don’t wait! Contact Soundstructure Studios KC today to book your rehearsal practice and get involved in our music community!
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