Here’s Why You Should Use TikTok To Promote Your Music

June 3, 2022

The music industry continues to change and evolve every new year. One of the top cultural and social media trends of 2022 is the TikTok app. TikTok features short video clips that usually involve quick comedy skits or dance routine trends. With over a billion users worldwide, this platform is a great way for you to promote your craft!


Eye On The Target

How you strategically market yourself will determine how effective your marketing efforts are. TikTok can be used as a form of marketing to boost your band. This videography platform mainly targets younger consumers, especially those under the age of 25. Knowing this can help you create content that caters to this demographic in order to get the most plays on your video. The more plays you have the more likely your video will end up on a person’s For You page, getting your content more exposure!


Link Up

When you create a video on TikTok you can attach a separate audio to the video rather than the original sound that was recorded. This allows you to attach one of your own songs to your video via upload or by attaching a Spotify link. If you attach a link to a music streaming platform to your TikTok video, you can increase the likelihood that consumers will check out more of your music through that link. If someone comes across your video and likes what they hear they just might go investigating further and stumble upon your other music content getting you more likes and exposure!



Utilizing TikTok along with other social media platforms allows your fans to react to your content and allows you to directly interact with your fans. If someone stumbles upon your content and leaves a comment about how they liked your video, you can reply back right away to say thanks! Interacting with your fans and on your own videos will show people that you are a real person who genuinely cares about their craft and their supporters!


Quality Content

Before you start making TikTok videos, you should know a few tips and tricks that will help your video get the most plays possible. The first thing to keep in mind when creating content is to follow TikTok guidelines or your videos may be taken down. There are a lot of younger children using this app so your content should be appropriate for all viewers. Second, make sure you are posting high quality videos to your profile. Having a blurry or wobbly video will not grab the attention of consumers. Consider investing in a nice camera, a tripod, and a ring light to create top tier video content like the pros. Lastly, remember to be authentically you in your videos. Having unique content and doing something new will catch the eyes of many on this platform so don’t be afraid to stand out!


TikTok Inspired Music

Attention spans seem to be shorter than ever in today’s day and age. This is why some musicians have started creating TikTok inspired music specifically for TikTok in order to promote their music. TikTok inspired music is short, simple, and catchy. Mashing two different songs together is another popular TikTok music trend that gains a lot of views. You can create a brand new dance or trend and add your own short music snippet to the video to help promote your profile and other music!

If you are wanting to create a TikTok profile for yourself but are not sure where to start, we can help you out! By simply recording yourself performing in one of our rehearsal studios you can create creative and unique content that catches the eye. Our studios will provide a great backdrop for your video content and will provide you with amazing sound quality! Let SoundStructure Studios help you take your passion above and beyond. Book your rehearsal studio today!

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