Kansas City Music Rehearsal Studio Offers Advice on How to Start Your Own Band

January 6, 2021

Do you dream of starting your own band? Can you envision yourself and your bandmates playing in front of an adoring audience? These questions lead to the ultimate question in creating your own band: Where do you find like-minded people who are committed to music to join you? Your favorite Kansas City music rehearsal studio, Soundstructure, has tips for you when you are ready to start your own band.

Many people start a band organically; that is, they form a group with friends who have similar interests and tastes in music. Others have to search contributors—many of whom might be complete strangers. Searching for complete strangers who share your vision can be a bit tricky, but it is totally doable.

Ask Around

Talk to everyone you know and ask if they know any musicians who are looking for a band. Chances are, there are plenty of people in your social circles who know others who might be looking for other musicians with whom to collaborate. Ask “in real life” as well as hitting up your friends on social media.


Much like business owners go to business networking events, you can go to music shows as a way of connecting with potential bandmates. Venture out of your usual music genre; you never know where you could find a great musician. A guitarist in a country band might be dreaming of playing with a rock band, so you never know. Musicians tend to know other musicians, so just drumming up (no pun intended!) a conversation could lead to potential bandmates.


In addition to reaching out to your connections on social media, as mentioned previously, you can also advertise on community bulletin board services such as Craigslist. Some sites are specifically designed for finding fellow musicians. Read more about it in this article: The Best Sites for Finding Musicians and Band Members.

There are also apps that enable you to create a profile that displays what you are looking for, who your influencers are, and more. This could lead to finding the right people to form your band.

Open Mics

The term “open mic” is taken from the expression “open microphone,” a live show at a coffeehouse, bar, or nightclub during which audience members have a chance to perform on stage. Often this is their first time performing. Open mics can provide a great opportunity to find musicians who are interested in being in a band but who may not have found a home yet. You’ll get a first-hand chance to find out who has talent and who might be a good fit for your band.

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