Most Popular Musical Instruments to Learn

June 1, 2021

Any parent is usually giddy with pride and excitement when their child wants to learn how to play a musical instrument. If you are a parent who is also a Kansas City musician, your excitement likely knows no bounds. Depending on what you play, you might want your child to follow in your footsteps. But kids want what they want—and they might decide to go in a different direction. Here are some of the most common instruments kids—and anyone—might want to plan.

Piano or Keyboard

Plenty of kids grew up being pushed into taking piano lessons. And the truth is that some musicians believe playing the piano should be the basis for learning any other instrument. Some professionals believe that even though it is a single instrument, it covers the full spectrum of any instrument that is played in an orchestra. Playing piano also requires good coordination—between the hand and the eye.


Taking guitar lessons is probably second only to taking piano lessons for youngsters in recent decades. One reason for this is likely the continued popularity of rock music. There is even a name for fake playing guitar—air guitar—and a video game called Guitar Hero. The guitar also requires a lot of hand-to-eye coordination. Players have several options, including electric, bass, and acoustic guitar.


Drums is always a popular choice amongst burgeoning musicians—although siblings and parents might want to invest in some noise-canceling headphones. The common instrument across most bands of many genres is the drums, so its popularity is no surprise.


The flute is a quiet instrument that is fairly easy to learn, and it is often a child’s first experience in playing an instrument because it is also affordable. This instrument is primarily a classical one, although the rock band Jethro Tull used the flute in almost all of their songs in the 1970s.


In addition to playing the flute as a starter instrument, many students pick up a recorder while they are in elementary school. And the step up to playing the clarinet is a natural progression. Small, lightweight, and versatile, the clarinet is often featured in classical music and jazz orchestras.

The sax is a wind instrument that is popular in high school bands and is also highly present in jazz music. It is available in a variety of sound ranges. 


The trumpet has well earned its distinction as “king” of the brass instruments since this instrument is used in practically every music genre there is. You’ll see the trumpet in symphony orchestra brass sections, as well as in jazz, rhythm and blues, and even some rock bands. 


The cello is a key string instrument, along with the violin and viola, and an instrument you’ll see primarily in symphony orchestra and chamber quartets. 


Yes, the voice is considered an instrument—but it’s one you really have to have an innate talent for if you ever want to go the professional route.

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