Kansas City's Newest Professional Music Rehearsal Studios

Custom built with the needs of musicians foremost, Soundstructure has become the “home away from home” for artists seeking amazing professional music rehearsal studios

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Soundstructure Studios is coming to Kansas City!

Our new KC studios will be opening in Fall 2020, and we look forward to serving the vibrant musical and artistic community in Kansas City.

If you or someone you know is looking for rehearsal space in Kansas City, we are taking names for a waiting list, so send us an email or fill out the form to the right to secure your spot in what is sure to be the hub of the local Kansas City music scene.

Soundstructure is the place where musicians come to hone their artistic talents and craft. In addition to 24-hour total access to our state of the art professional music rehearsal studios, there are these great features:

  • Top notch sound isolation between studios
  • Controlled access for ultimate security
  • Climate controlled for total comfort
  • Easy load in/out from designated loading zone. PLUS no stairs or elevators!
  • Free off-street parking
  • Free hi-speed Wi-Fi in the entire building

Please call, email or fill out the form below to set up a tour of our facility or sign up for our waiting list.


Please note: We do not accept credit card information on our site. You will be taken to a secure website to make your payment.


By Soundstructure Studios

Soundstructure Studios KC is excited to announce that construction is wrapping up soon on the new Kansas City location! Estimated move-in date is December 1st.*   We have 18 studios ranging in size from 215 sf to 320 sf with rents starting at $400/month.

Studios are leasing up fast so shoot us an email ASAP to schedule a tour or start the application process.
Email us now!

*December 1, 2020 anticipated move in day, any delays in construction may push back move-in date but all December rents shall be pro-rated to your move-in date.

6 Reasons to Rent a Practice Space

By Soundstructure Studios

Most successful bands (and not-so-successful) bands have one thing in common: they use a dedicated practice space or studio to rehearse in. Sometimes these spaces are your parents’ garages, an empty building you have access to after-hours, and of course, actual rehearsal studios.


Why rent a practice space? Well, we are glad you asked…

Gear storage

One of the greatest things about having a practice space is that you can store your music gear, safely! No more dragging heavy amps back and forth between your home, or leaving something at your drummer’s house.

Minimize distractions

If you have tried to practice at home, you have probably been distracted and quit practicing at some point. When you have a special space to rehearse, however, and perhaps have to drive or take transit to get there, you’re more likely to get more done during that block of time you have set aside.

Get loud

Nobody in your apartment wants to hear your band practicing at 1am. Also, most cities have noise ordinances, and if you don’t have something sound-proof like a basement room, it’s likely you will be heard.


Being able to get loud in a practice space helps you not only open up fully during rehearsal, but you can also get a better idea of how your music will sound at shows.

Schedule your rehearsals

How many times have you not planned when to rehearse, tried to organize at the last minute, and then nobody can make it, or someone isn’t home to let everyone into the garage you’re playing in?


By having your own space, you can agree on a set time as a band and repeat that time weekly so that everyone knows when practice is, and can make sure to work that into their schedule!


Since most practice spaces are sound-proof and setup with PA systems and soundboard, you can easily record something like a demo since there are not that many sound-distractions. Although, sometimes the background noise makes for fun layers!


By investing in a practice space, you are investing in your music career. You are leveling-up your professionalism, and intentionally making the time and space to get serious about your music.